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Which airlines fly to Boston?

Delta Airlines: Delta Air Lines is the world's leading airline in accordance with the conditions of security, improvement, consistency, and customer service in the United States. Delta has led the airline industry in active excellence for the past ten years while preserving award-winning customer service.

Los Angeles to Boston:

LAX to BOS: 5h 46m BOS to LAX: 6h 21m

Atlanta to Boston:

ATL to BOS: 2h 34m

BOS to ATL: 2h 50m

Seattle to Atlanta:

SEA to BOS: 5h 24m

BOS to SEA: 6h 21m

United Airlines: United Airlines has been linking people and unifying the world for almost 90 years. United Airlines has seven hub sites in the United States, as well as hubs in the four major cities, and over 90,000 employees are based in every state in the United States and around the world.

Los Angeles to Boston:

LAX to BOS: 5h 27m

BOS to LAX: 6h 02m

Detroit to Boston:

DTW to BOS: 4h 08m

Seattle to Boston:

SEA to BOS: 7h 10m

BOS to SEA: 8h 08m

New York City to Boston:

EWR to BOS: 1h 11m

Alaska Airlines: Each representative of Alaska Airlines brings exceptional intensity to their operations in the air as well as on the ground. Alaska is dedicated to creating an airline people love, each day. Alaska Airlines makes sure that its customers are their top priority and provides the best service to them.

Los Angeles to Boston:

BOS to LAX: 9h 58m

Seattle to Boston:

SEA to BOS: 5h 15m

BOS to SEA: 17h 25m

American Airlines: When load factor, authorized passengers hauled, and revenue passenger mile is considered, American Airlines is deemed to be the world’s largest airline. With approximately 7,000 flights a day to just about 350 destinations in more than 50 countries, American, along with its provincial associates, functions as a massive international and domestic group.

Los Angeles to Boston:

LAX to BOS: 8h 18m

BOS to LAX: 6h 17m

Atlanta to Boston:

ATL to BOS: 4h 17m

BOS to ATL: 5h 06m

Detroit to Boston:

DTW to BOS: 1h 59m

BOS to DTW: 2h 09m

Seattle to Boston:

SEA to BOS: 10h 33m

BOS to SEA: 8h 37m

New York City to Boston:

LGA to BOS: 1h 09m

BOS to LGA: 1h 19m

Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines provides the best value in the sky while also providing a memorable guest experience. Beginning with an unbundled cost, Spirit Airlines is the industry leader in providing tailored travel options. This allows each Guest to simply pay for the services they want, such as luggage, seat allocations, and beverages. They enable their guests to go further, travel more frequently, and discover more than they ever have before.

Detroit to Boston:

DTW to BOS: 6h 12m

BOS to DTW: 8h 39m

Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines connects people to the things that matter most in their lives—and that includes connecting our employees to the things that matter most in their lives! Employees appreciate the opportunity to work hard, be innovative, and have fun at work. Southwest Airlines values diversity and acknowledges, respects, and honors it. They establish competitive advantages in teamwork and innovation by cultivating a culture that celebrates and leverages their diversity, which contributes to their overall success.

Seattle to Boston:

SEA to BOS: 7h 20m

BOS to SEA: 8h 35m

Which are some of the most affordable direct flights from the following cities to Boston?

Seattle to Boston:

Alaska Airlines: 5h 12m

Delta Airlines: 5h 24m

American Airlines: 5h 14m

Detroit to Boston:

Delta Airlines: 1h 55m

American Airlines: 1h 48m

New York City to Boston:

Delta Airlines: 1h 15m

American Airlines: 1h 7m

United Airlines: 1h 11m

Atlanta to Boston:

Delta Airlines: 2h 34m

American Airlines: 2h 32m

Los Angeles to Boston:

American Airlines: 5h 24m

Delta Airlines: 5h 41m

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When can you get extreme discounts on flights to Boston?

The month of September is believed to be the cheapest for flying. ‘Whereas, November, December, as well as January, are peak months when the flight fares over the moon. So, if you want to fly to Boston on a budget, make sure to consider taking a trip in September and opt for morning departure as it is almost 15% cheaper than an evening flight, most of the days.