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Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy represents the privacy of your data that you shall share with us and it will be shielded by us. We acknowledge and understand the importance of your private information and are devoted to guarding your data and upholding your privacy.

1.What information do we collect and why?

Personal information, like contact details, full name, title, email address, and telephone address.
Date of birth, passport number, or nationality- if obliged by the respective airline. Payment information: cardholder name, card number, security number, and expiration date. Hotel room preferences, Car rental program, and frequent flyer numbers (if relevant). Health issues and dietary demands (if any) applicable to your travel patterns or required by the associated travel assistance provider(s) (e.g. tour providers or accommodation). Social media – via social media interactions on our platforms such as ( Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) you will be ensured by the privacy plans of the respective social media organizations.

Call recordings – For quality control and staff training, calls may be recorded. IP address and cookies – When you approach our website, our servers may note data about your device and the network you are using to connect with us, including your IP address.

2 How will we receive this information?

We usually manage your data from the report you submit during your association with us. The primary data may be collected from the following sources:

a. Data created about you when you acquire or make requests about a travel organization; via the website, phone, or email.

    When you proceed to get marketing from us (example- electronic newsletters)
  1. When you chat with our customer assistance team
  2. When you enroll for promotions or in competitions. It may be necessary for us to get private data about you from a third party in some events. This involves where a person makes a travel booking on your account, which includes travel systems to be used by you.

3. What Do We Use Your Information For And What Is The Lawful Basis For Acting So?

    3.1 Contractual

    a.To execute our duties as travel agents. The result of not giving this knowledge is that we will not be able to make your booking.

    B Contact and personal details are used to make the travel bookings you make on our website. Furthermore, payment information, passport numbers, date of birth, and dietary necessities.

    3.2 Legitimate interest

    a. For candid marketing communications and associated profiling to assist us in offering you suitable services and products, including choosing whether or not to provide you certain services and products.

    b.Your data may also be used for reasons, such as: to give you travel confirmation and updates on your route, to handle your booking, and to enable us to reach you out for customer service.

    c.We may need your private data to inform you about our targeted marketing activities, about new products, special offers, or competitions. These may include text messages, emails, and data messages. If you do not want to get such information, you may contact us in writing not to receive it.

    3.3 With your consent

    a. In specific conditions, we can gather and process your data with your consent. For instance, when you tick a box to get email newsletters, your personal data may be utilized, with your explicit consent, to provide you with relevant promotional fares. .

4. With Whom Do We Share Your Data?

We may assign your data with the entities given below:

  1. Prime suppliers: hotels, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, activity providers, transfer providers (who make your travel booking), and car rental.
  2. An individual making a third-party reservation on your account
  3. Third parties who give services on our account, including business analytics, credit card processing, and fraud prevention
  4. As approved or needed by appropriate law, and to comply with our lawful duties.
    We are a global business and consolidates operations besides the EEA. Your private data may be disclosed to our associated overseas entities for us to make your travel booking and/or to authorize the performance of advisory, administrative, and technical services, as well as the processing and storage of such data.

We will assure that any such foreign transfers are either required for the fulfillment of a contract between you and the overseas receiver or are presented subject to suitable or appropriate safeguards as needed by your local data protection legalities

5. For what duration do we protect your data on record?

  1. Individual data is managed as long as is needed, for the motive that it was already obtained.
  2. To preserve us facing any contractual claims, normally for 6 years.
  3. Records are put in line with managerial and legal supervision/ conditions.

6. Your rights

Give below is a list of the rights that you've about the private data that we prepare. You have the right to verify with us that we are processing your input. Inquiry access to the personal records we operate.

Have data altered if it is incomplete or incorrect? Demand that we remove your records if there is no compelling reasoning for its continued processing. Request that we eliminate your consent.

If you wish to perform any of the above rights, kindly reach us out at If you are not satisfied with our data processing actions, you have the title to the complaint to ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

7. IP addresses

When you visit our website, apply any of our open communications, or mobile applications from us, our servers may register data regarding the network and the device you are.

We handle your Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses to aggregate and track non-personal data. For eg, to control the device, web browser used, and geographic areas from where visitors and customers navigate our website.

8. Tracking Cookies/Technologies

The webpages of use cookies as well as text files that are saved in a computer system via a browser. We can deliver users of our website a better and more user-friendly experience that would not be possible without the cookie setting.

In addition to the first-party cookies explained above, we may use mobile applications, such as Google Analytics, and anonymized third-party web analytics services on our websites. The analytics suppliers that operate these services use technologies like cookies, to assist us to evaluate how visitors use our applications and websites.

9. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may notify our Privacy Policy in prospect. We will acquaint you with the material modifications to this Privacy Policy by sending you a notice to the email address you give to us or by entering a notice on our website.

10. Visit our website from outside

In the scenario where you browse/visit our website from outside, kindly be informed that your data may be collected in/ conveyed to/ and prepared. The security/preservation of the information/data and other regulations of the UK and other nations that your data may be sent to may not be as boundless as those in your country.

But be assured that we take all the needed steps to guarantee that your privacy is and protected and maintained. By using our assistance/services, you allow and simply understand that your data could be sent to our facilities and other third parties with whom we deal as described in this Policy.

11. How to Contact Us

If you have any inquiry about this Privacy Policy (or product acquisition and travel planning), please reach out to us at: