Terms and conditions

Reservation Conditions

These Reservation Conditions, collectively with our privacy policy, any other written information we brought to your attention before we approved your booking and where your holiday is booked via our website, conditions of use, our website terms, apply to your booking with as travelworldfree.com, registered number with our registered office ("our", "us" and "we").

Please refer to these Reservation Conditions fully before getting any reservations. References to "your" and "you" in these Reservation Conditions shows all persons booked on the reservation (including anyone who is displaced or joined at the following time) or any of them.

1. Section A – Applicable To All Bookings

1. Contract

When doing your reservation, we will prepare for you to enroll in a contract with each of the third-party supplier(s) of your travel arrangements (such as travel car hire supplier, engineer, airline, cruise operative, and transfer provider) as described on your reservation agreement. Once we grant the reservation confirmation, Your agreement comes into existence.

Your reservation with us is subject to these Reservation Conditions and those of the third-party suppliers who own their terms and conditions which direct the services they give and you'll be tied by these.

In the case of any dispute between a supplier's terms and conditions and these booking provisions, the supplier's term or provision that collides with ours will take precession, unless it is considered under English legislation to be unenforceable or void, in which event the relevant term or condition in our Reservation Conditions will prevail.

Some of our suppliers' requirements may exclude or limit their obligation to you and, since they'll apply to your contract with us, may also limit or exclude our liability to you. Suppliers' terms and conditions are often subjected to international conventions too, which restrict their (and our) liability. Copies of the relevant Producer's terms and conditions and any applicable international laws are available on request.

As an agency, we accept no liability for the breaches or acts of the suppliers or for the travel support given by them except we are the coordinator of your package holiday below the Package Travel Management, in which scenario we will take responsibility for those travel assistance per Section B of these Reservation Conditions.

2.Package Bookings

Where we link and market to you two or more of the travel assistance specified below for the likewise trip or holiday, this will include a "Package" and we will take responsibility for the package as a "coordinator" supporting the Package Travel Management as long as those travel assistance are: got together from a particular visit to our site and preferred by you before you accept to pay; or promoted, sold, or credited by us at an inclusive or complete price; or advertised or sold following the title "package" or a similar term.A core of the services as a coordinator is mentioned in Section B of these Booking Requirements.

Note: Where we're the coordinator under the Package Travel Management, we will however serve as an agent about the travel assistance and you will have agreements with each of the suppliers of those travel services.

The travel assistance, two or more of which can form a Package, are:

  1. transport(e.g. flight);
  2. accommodation;
  3. rental of cars or other motor vehicles;
  4. any additional tourist support not intrinsically role of one of the travel support in a, b, and c.

Other tourist services: Please note that where you have done a booking which includes either transportation accommodation, or car rent, plus one or more "other tourist assistance" as described. at (d) above, according to the Package Travel Regulations, this will only create a Package where the tourist services account for 25% or more of the value of the connected assistance or are promoted as, or unless describing, an indispensable feature of the Package.

Third-party packages: If we market two or more travel assistance that has already been combined as a Package by a third-party tour supervisor or principal, the tour operator or principal will be the liable and coordinator for your Package under the Package Travel Management. Your booking consent will define whether a Package has been obtained and will identify the party who is subject to your Package. Refer to Section B for our obligations and accountabilities when purchasing a Package as a coordinator.

3. Bookings

Bookings may be made online on our website travelworldfree.com or call on Bookings may be made online on our website travelworldfree.com or call on +1-805-783-0232 to travel agents at our agency premises. All bookings are subjected to availability at the time of booking. We do not guarantee you that any of the travel assistance that we promote, including on our site, will still be available at the moment of reservation and we will verify the availability of your preferred travel services to you, once you have made a booking request

Where you register online, the order report email delivered to you is NOT a contractual agreement of the supplier's expertise to provide this travel assistance, it is an acknowledgment that we've got your offer, and should the travel assistance be possible as described on our site then.

We will grant to you a booking verification which is when your agreement with us appears into existence and you have enrolled into a legally binding agreement to purchase those travel systems subject to the supplier's terms and conditions and these Booking Conditions.

You must ensure that all names listed in the booking confirmation are accurate as per the passports of the travelers in your party and that the travel itinerary accords with your terms. Changes are rarely reasonable once flight tickets and other travel papers are assigned, and modifications may incur further charges. Refer Clause 6 concerning amendment charges and cancellation costs contract exits. You must assure that all names recorded in the booking confirmation are valid as per the passports of the passengers in your company and that the travel plan accords with your demands.

4. Insurance

We strongly recommend that you seek out enough travel insurance to protect you and your party and many of the sources or suppliers of the travel support that we market need you to do so as a condition of booking with them. In addition, several destinations have made it mandatory to carry out travel Insurance – we will lead you where insurance is required.

We suggest that your insurance policy includes you, as a minimum, against the price of cancellation by you; the cost of medical support (including repatriation) in the result of accident or illness; loss of money and baggage; and other costs. We serve as a designated representative of Holidayrisk who is authorized and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority(Firm Reference Number 303028).

Flyhighair travel policies are protected by Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV) and supported by Travel Insurance Facilities Group (TIF). Kindly confirm all insurance documentation completely to assure that all the specifications are valid and that all related data has been provided by you. Overlooking to do so may affect the authority of the insurance coverage.

5. Financial Protection

Flight only: We give financial security for some (but not all) of our flight-only assistance. When you purchase an ATOL-protected flight from us you will get an ATOL Certificate. This records what is financially secured, where you can receive information on what this implies for you, and who to communicate if things go wrong.

Note: Flights that we sell as an authorized ticket agent for the airline are not protected. We will inform you at the event of booking about your flight is ATOL guarded and the further problem you with an ATOL Certificate. If you do not obtain an ATOL Certificate, your flight will not be ATOL guarded.

Flight package: : Where we market a flight package as an agent for the organizer, you will be guarded by the organizer's ATOL, and the ATOL holder's name and the amount will be listed in your booking confirmation. Where we trade a flight package as an organizer, kindly refer to Clause 5 of Section B which will suit.